If not now, when?

AAD8D877-840C-4BA1-A713-FEB41AF93E94In May of 2018, I decided to call a local realtor to talk about selling my condominium. I’d been there nearly 20 years, long enough to spend in any place (to paraphrase Dolly Copp).  The house was an old sea captain’s home in near the Maine coast with its own history as a big old Maine cottages sometimes do—from the sea captain’s home, to a plumber’s warehouse and rooming house. When they came to rebuild it as six condos in the 1980’s, it was missing some original hardware, windows and doors, but it still had the very wide floorboards and large beautifully proportioned front rooms with fireplaces intact.  My part was the ell which stood off at 90 degrees from the main house; it has two stories, a mansard roof, open plan, and the nice wide pine floorboards. The house stands a hill, on a few acres of lawn and wood, right on a pleasant village street. In June it was ready to show, and the first day on the market it sold for well over my asking price. Caveat was, I had to move in three weeks. I did it!

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